Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Juniper Berry Castiel Soap

I just made a small test batch of Castile soap, which is just olive oil based. I infuse d the olive oil with juniper berries. Castile soap is a nice soap but not as bubbly as the other batches I've made. I want to see how the Juniper berry infusion worked.

Directions after Jump..

Getting Supplies in order

Main Ingredient: Juniper Berry Infused Olive Oil

Straining Olive Oil

Measuring Olive Oil. 
Then, warmed it up on the stove to ~115 degrees.

Measuring distilled water

Measuring Lye
Then added lye to distilled water, slowly (with window open, safety goggles, gloves, & apron)

Mixing oil and Lye when they both reach ~115 degrees

Into the silicone ice cube try to make small testing soap.
This mixture went to trace very quickly!

Covered the top with a bit of Freezer paper to stop Soda ash from forming. 

2 days later:

They still need to cure for a few weeks, but the scent is awesome. 

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