Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Non-Wedding Related Kitten Post!!

Me and Jesse just picked up our new Kitten from the Bellingham Adoption Center, yesterday. Here are cute pictures of 'Billy the kitten'.


I might also post a web album soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding Party Tree Ribbon.

We found some nice ribbions for the party tree at JoAnns. Things are really coming together. (I hope).

They are pretty wide so I think they will work really nicely.

Also, We found a nice bookcase, and some friends helped us move it in. I think it looks pretty nice, plus it was just in our price range (free).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cuddlefish Stamp from Zazzle.com

Looking up postage for the invitations.
Jesse would love this one!

Cuddlefish Stamp from Zazzle.com

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Invitation Makin' (DIY)

Here's some pictures of us at the final steps of our DIY invitation making. Almost Done!-Just the addresses left.

Picture one: Assembling.

Picture two: I'm working really fast (note the blurry hands)

Picture three: Jesse checking out his stamping ability. (Good job Jesse.)

note: Yes, that is Lord of the Rings playing in the background, it seemed fitting.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our "Save the Date"

In case I didn't send the Email to you!

My Shoes


We found these shoes at a cute place in Bellingham, next to Fiamma Burger. They fit my criteria perfectly, and my foot. I wanted a heel, but not a high one. I don't wear heels often and I tend to twist my ankle in very uncomfotable angles when I do. These I felt like I could walk in. the color is technicaly seaform, but this is going to be my something blue. I think it will add a little something fun also. Another 'criteria', was that I didn't want all my toes hanging out, this peep toes is perfect. Anyways I never really thought of myself as a shoe girl, (seeing as I never wear heels) but I did fall in love with these. The little leaf petal, and I acctaully felt like I will wear these after the wedding as well.
I'd wear them now if I wasn't worried about them getting dirty. okay. Shoes. Check!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mini Lanterns In

I ordered some (24) of the mini-lanterns in the silver, for the center pieces. I think that they will be really cute, and give the tables more of a 'hobbit-y' feel. I'm kinda trying to go for an old-world feel, and not really a 'theme'. I've also got a really cute ribbon that is striped with pink, chocolate, gold and green.
These lanterns, however, are probably not that green, but I do plan on having them be kept and used. There also did not seems to be any local options that worked.
Allergies are really getting to me this season, I'm really hoping it does not interfer any more.


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