Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: Tigerheart

The way a Sequel to a Classic story, made much later, by someone else, should be made. 

I admit, I haven't read the original story of Peter Pan. But I know the story, and have seen multiple movies, so forth about Peter Pan, & Finding Never-land.
While maintaining the feel, that old-world British setting, it's a bit darker than the Disney cartoon, (which I bet is closer to the original).

The author, Peter David, was able to take the story and make it his own. There are pirates, mermaids, Indians, as well as a Tiger. I also really enjoyed his narrative, that occasionally 'broke the 4th wall', by speaking to the reader. This book I highly recommend, especially for those who sometimes feel like being an adult isn't that great.

Visit this link, for a much longer/in depth review from Ain't it Cool News

Major Themes (tags): Growing-Up, Imagination, Childhood


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