Monday, June 17, 2013

Juniper Berry infused Olive Oil

I really liked how the annatto/achiote seed infused olive oil turned out, It turned the soap into a nice bright orange color. (I think it's the color of Mac & Cheese). Anyways I wanted to try something else, so I made some Juniper Berry infused olive oil.
I crushed the Juniper Berries that I had to release the flavor.

Crushed Juniper Berries in Mortar and Pestle

I heated the oil on very low and let the juniper berries infuse for about an hour & 1/2.

The kitchen smelled amazing! I'm hopping a lot of that stayed with the oil though.

I put the oil in a mason jar and kept the Juniper berries in to continue the infusing process.

Next I will do a test batch, to see if it will keep the scent.

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