Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kugn Fu Panda DVD Review

Last night we rented Kung Fu Panda on Blu-Ray DVD. I had heard that it was good from people, but I'm not likely going to choose an animated (are they still called that?) movie when given the choice. It pleasantly surprised my expectations.

Mr.Ping a duck (Po the Panda's Father) had such a familiar voice but I could not remember where he was from (which I am usually uncannily able to do). I looked it up on IMBD, he was voiced by James Hong, No wonder I recongnized him! His IMDB is the biggest one I have seen yet. Turned out he was also In Mulan (another animated kung fu movie)

Kung Fun Panda was enjoyable and it did make me laugh (audibly). The animation I liked (with the exception of the tigress) but they were able to capture Jack Black's faces very well. If you like Jack Black and Mulan you will enjoy this movie. However, they did not explain how the father of a Panda was a Duck. The kids will have to learn that when they're older.


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